Lukas in Stabmag: Mama Don’t Let Your Surfers Grow up To Be Babies

Mama Don’t Let Your Surfers Grow Up To Be Babies

“I’ve never really been anywhere in my life for more than three months at a time,” says Lukas Nelson. Post-soundcheck, with a few minutes to kill chatting, we’re backstage at a Native American casino in the San Diego high desert. “We’ve always been traveling here or there, for one thing or another. It’s just kind of the lifestyle.”

Which makes sense. His father’s the man that penned “On The Road Again.” Son of country music legend Willie Nelson, Lukas spent his formative years on Maui, picking guitar, surfing Hookipa and wandering the Valley Isle’s hills with good friend, Matt Meola. They met in Montessori school and have been thick as thieves ever since.

Read the rest of Lukas’s interview with Jake Howard on Stabmag HERE.

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