A Note From Lukas On International Women’s Day

Today is the day to celebrate women, although I do everyday. From the respect I have for my mother and how she raised me, to the awe that I have for the great female minds of our time, people who have shaped present life and largely gone unnoticed in the patriarchy … Nothing impresses me more that the awesome power of a woman who knows how powerful she is. In sports, science, business, music, politics, and in every other field I am humbled by the steady prowess of the female form. Grace and beauty mixed with strength and willpower, when uninhibited by the limitations of a sexist society, produce the exact type of model citizens and leaders that will hopefully nurture our world into a more balanced and sustainable cultural norm. We men have had the world for a few thousand years at least, and to be honest we’ve really fucked it up. It’s time we opened ourselves up to our female counterparts and allowed them to flourish unencumbered. Once we unify, allow ourselves to lift each other up in areas where we both falter, we can create a human race that not only thrives on the planet, but helps the planet heal itself, and earns its place beyond it in the stars. #internationalwomensday


– Love and Peace



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