New Lukas Interview with Surfline

“This is an industry that tests our ability to stay true to ourselves,” said Nelson. “Business pressures, trends and fads – they wave temptations under your nose. And growing up in the industry myself, I knew a lot of the traps and pitfalls that come your way and threaten to derail the dream. So, I named the band ‘Promise of the Real’ because I wanted to see those words on the marquee every day, sorta like a living mantra. It reminds me and the band that we gotta stay untainted by a desire to fit in, unencumbered by a need for justification or validation.”

Staying real also means remembering his roots, which entails picking up a surfboard any chance he gets during his hectic touring schedule and returning to the waves of Maui on occasion, too. Like during his recent run of shows in Australia: “I got out at Snapper and Byron for a few days.”Lukas, talking to Dashel Pierson of

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