Lukas on the cover of Southwest Magazine

“Singer-songwriter Lukas Nelson, son of Willie, is earning his own time in the spotlight. And he couldn’t be more prepared.”

“This place feels like a shrine to American sound. The building, erected in the 1920s, used to be a Masonic Temple. That’s why there are still long, narrow hallways, decorative antique chandeliers, an old auditorium on the second floor, a few secret passages, and several towering, kaleidoscopic stained-glass windows. Since the 1960s, though, this four-story blockish brick building on the west side of Los Angeles, a few minutes from the Santa Monica Pier, has been known as The Village. The legendary studio has hosted a litany of the most successful recording artists of the last half-century, from Dylan to Cash to Madonna to Snoop to—you get the idea. Good luck naming a famous musician who hasn’t been here. This is where I meet Lukas Nelson. He’s spent quite a bit of time here recently—and seems right at home.” – Michael J. Mooney, Southwest The Magazine

Read more of this fantastic feature story with Lukas on Southwest Magazine by clicking HERE.

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