A Message For Our Fans In Knoxville

To our fans in Knoxville,

I want to address some of the concerns about our cancellation of our scheduled Rhythm and Blooms Festival performance. It is never a casual decision for us to cancel a show. We hate to disappoint anyone, least of all our fans, and playing live is the lifeblood of this band. That’s why we’re scheduled to play over 200 shows this year. 

I put a lot of thought into my diet and fitness so I can always play at my best. Everyone in the band does. But sometimes the traveling, the shift in time zones, the planes, trains and automobiles can take a toll on your wellness. The cancellation in Knoxville was due to my health. I have been battling a chest cold for the past 3 weeks, after returning from our Australian tour and then playing nearly every single night in a different city in May. I’ve been waking up every morning after a fitful night of coughing, and it takes hours to warm my voice up to par for a show; anyone who is a musician knows what a nightmare of complex fears and anxiety that is. 

It was only once I arrived in Nashville this week that the my label told me they had booked a brief solo acoustic performance, at 12pm on Saturday before I had to fly out to the West Coast to play with Neil Young. I woke up Saturday morning feeling terrible, and could only play 2 of the 4 songs I was requested to play at that show. I tried, but I could barely sing.

I hate to ever let anyone down, but sometimes you have nothing left to give. Honestly, I just need a minute to recharge and get well. One thing I know about our fans after sharing thousands of shows with them over the past decade is that they value and display empathy. And I guess I’m asking for a little understanding from our fans in Knoxville right now. Rest assured, we will make it up to you, Knoxville. I fully intend to return to Knoxville many times throughout the course of my career. I apologize to any fans who were upset by my not being there, and I hope they enjoyed all the other incredible musicians who performed at Rhythm And Blooms. I was definitely looking forward to the festival, and am especially bummed to be missing my buddy Tyler Childers, among many other friends who are playing the festival.

Thanks for your understanding,

Lukas Nelson

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