A Note From The Band

On the subject of Promise of the Real selling records at WalMart and other major retailers, here’s a message from the whole band.

First of all, we want to say thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and opinions about the fact that our record is available at WalMart, Target, etc.  We hear you.

The whole idea behind TURN OFF THE NEWS (BUILD A GARDEN) is to connect people in local communities and to support local family, friends and businesses. Living by these principles can be challenging in the modern age, and can seem contradictory when we make our music available through big corporations like WalMart, Amazon, Apple, Target, Spotify, Barnes and Noble, etc. 

But the fact is simply that we want to bring our music to as many people as possible. However we feel about the business ethics of these companies, the last thing we want to do is discriminate against the people who patronize them.  Our job is to tear down walls, not to build them!  

So, if you don’t want to shop at one of these big corporate distributors, PLEASE buy your music from your favorite independent record store, or any of the Mom-and-Pop stores listed at the links below.

Otherwise, if the only store within 100 miles of your home is a WalMart or a Target, well, we’ll be there for you too.  

And please remember the best way to buy local is to buy direct from OUR OWN Mom-And-Pop Shop! … We are always creating in-house tour shirts, special merchandise, and live concerts for sale in our store, and trying to spread positivity through our “GOOD NEWS GARDEN”. 

We’re endlessly inspired by the passion of our fans.  Remember, a system is only defined by the will of the people, and the best way to change it is from within.

Peace and Love,


Photo Credit: Joey Martinez

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